Sunday, April 29, 2012

Intalling CWM- based recovery

Turn off Ideos

Turn on the Ideos holding down Volume down key + Red Key + Power

Install the drivers from here (use windows updates if your computer is hooked on the net)

From the downloaded zip folder, run the “install-file recovery*” depending on the system you are on!

When you are done, the system should reboot automatically.


To check if the recovery installed correctly, get into recovery mod by pressing a combination of the following buttons: Volume up + Green button + ignition. After a few seconds you will see the screen below:-

              This means the recovery file installed correctly.

To roll back the recovery to the original Huawei recovery mod, install the original stock rom that youcan download from here


  1. nimejaribu kufungua hilo file na kweli simu ika reboot lakini hakuna changes zozote zimetokea na hata screenshot iliyotokea hapo haionekana na ktk simu ukifanya combination ya hizo key inaleta option ya ku-restart, format na update ambayo haikubali

  2. Donald am guessing the problem came in due to drivers... after the phone connects to the pc it installs drivers from windows updates... after that then you can run the recovery.......

  3. If the driver of my computer is not the same with you described, how to operate it?I want to download something from

    1. Hey use if you are hooked on net... Then connect the phone and let windows update do the driver installations for you... Android 1.0 i guess

    2. Concidering you are running windows 7 will repair the link later in the am could let you know

  4. Before this my world had become a nightmare Thank you......